TS Farms

Grassfed/naturally raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, rabbit, quail, duck, goose, turkey and eggs.  Now featuring sausage sandwiches made with Blue Oven muffins!  Year Round Farmer! Visit Website



Our family has been “hobby” farming since 2001. We started with a few sheep, beef cattle and pigs. It has always been Tim’s dream to farm which remained a dream until this last year after losing his job of 17 years with ABX. Upon losing his job, we felt led to farm full time. Our second daughter could not drink formula or regular milk so we tried goats milk and after much research have decided to start a herd share program with dairy cattle and goats. The health benefits of drinking raw milk far out number the “risks”. Our animals are fed mosty pasture and hay with a small amount of Non GMO grain given at milking time. We currently have 50 shares of cows milk and 4 shares of goats milk available. We know that not everyone can make it to the farm so we are willing to make deliveries to the following areas, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton. We also offer pasture fed beef, lamb and pork. Please contact us for all the details on our herd share programs.