Kofinas Olive Oil & Vinegars

Fresh pressed from a Cincinnati family’s village in Crete. Olive oil infusions and fine vinegars. Feb 2, Mar 30, Apr 13, Apr 27  Visit Website



The Kofinas all-natural, pure, extra virgin olive oil begins with olives hand gathered at their peak for maximum flavor in our village in Greece. The olives are cold pressed (not chemically extracted), soon after harvest, to assure superior taste and the lowest acidity. The result is a healthy olive oil with a distinct natural green color and a full taste.

We assure you that our olive oil is not diluted or mixed with any other oil, being imported directly from the village of Stavies to the United States. We guarantee our single source, so you can trust that it’s a quality olive oil.  We are proud to offer this quality product and are confident that you will enjoy the taste and richness as much as we do.

Our company offers a variety of flavored olive oils we produce in our facility in Cincinnati as well as high quality vinegars, other gourmet products and gifts for any occasion from dinner parties to weddings.