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Angie’s Authentic Malaysian Satay, the new kid on the block, is bringing “A Taste of Malaysia” to you! Satay (pronounce as ‘sarteh’) are grilled, aromatic bite-size meats (beef, chicken or lamb) on bamboo skewers eaten with 3 sides: ‘Ketupat’ (cooked compressed rice squares), cucumbers, and red onions dip in a peanut sauce. It can also be used on seafood and veggies too for vegan. Satay is a famous Malaysian street hawker food.

Angie’s authentic Malaysian Satay Marinate Spice Mix or meat seasoning, and her creamy-to-crunchy flavorful Peanut Dipping Sauce have been time-tested through many trials-and-errors over the years and eventually perfected into her very own private-blend spice mix and sauce.

Her Satay Marinate Spice Mix is ready-to-use with a simple recipe. Her Peanut Sauce is made-from-scratch in small batches, using as much organic ingredients as possible whenever available. The sauce has a tint of sweetness and a mild kick of spiciness with the crunch of peanuts in every bite. Every batch is made with lots of TLC and close attention. Angie is committed to providing you with top quality, authentic Malaysian flair made fresh locally.

No worries if you have a peanut allergy. Angie’s older son, Nelson, has a life-threatening peanut allergy. This has driven her to prepare a peanut-free sauce for him with very strict cooking habits to keep him safe. The Peanut-Free Satay Sauce is equally tasty and authentic without the peanuts, so allergic persons, like Nelson and you, can still enjoy my sauce. My son is my guarantee to your safety!