Turner Farm

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It is our mission to permanently preserve Turner and Meshewa Farms, drawing lessons from our rural heritage to help build a positive future, demonstrating that local, organic, low-impact food production grows healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.

Turner Farm operations promote connections between people of all ages and the land that feeds them, in body, mind and spirit. Through education and example, we nurture understanding of the rhythms of nature, and our place in the natural world, fostering recognition of personal responsibility for stewardship of the land, ourselves and development of a nurturing community.



Turner Farm is one of three working farms remaining within the village of Indian Hill. It has been in operation since the early 1800’s. In 1994, under the stewardship of Bonnie Mitsui, it became a farm devoted to growing organically. The farm is home to a variety of plants and animals, both domestic and wild. There are open pastures for the sheep and chickens interspersed with gardens and fields. Hedgerows and meadow mix with wooded areas and wetland runoff feeds the pond.

These inherently beautiful settings create a unique “sense of place”. Whether working in the gardens or enjoying a potluck gathering, time spent on Turner Farm is a gratifying experience.

As Bonnie Mitsui’s legacy, Turner farm will remain a working organic farm and education center nestled in the Village of Indian Hill.

Mary Elizabeth “Bonnie” Mitsui, 1944-2013



Both Turner Farm and Meshewa Farm are permanently protected from future development by Agricultural Conservation Easements. The preservation easements, held by The Land Conservancy of Hamilton County, Ohio, with American Farmland Trust, assure that the farms’ agricultural viability and organic practices are preserved for all time.

123 acres of woodland, pastures and streams located in the Southeastern quadrant of Given Road and Kugler Mill Road in Indian Hill — has been permanently protected from future development with an Agricultural Conservation Easement (CE). Held by The Land Conservancy of Hamilton County, Ohio, in cooperation with American Farmland Trust, the CE permanently protects the land’s agricultural viability and also its historic, scenic and natural conservation values.

In addition, the CE includes 34 more agricultural acres on the adjoining SE portion of Turner Farm, bringing the total to 157 acres of agricultural land in conservation. Both Turner Farm and Meshewa Farm are under the stewardship of Bonnie Mitsui.



The gently rolling land is part of an unbroken arc of farmland and open space in a community that takes pride in its scenic, rural character. The eastern half of Meshewa Farm is heavily wooded with mostly old-growth forest, rolling downward with systems of headwaters streams, ridges and ravines terminating at the stream that follows Kugler Mill Road.

Adjoining 58-acre Turner Farm — well known for its quality farm products — has been permanently protected with an Agricultural CE since Nov. 2002. Turner Farm has been actively farmed since 1795, and has been operated as an organic farm and Community
Supported Agriculture partnership since 1994.