Greenacres Farm

Greenacres Farm raises 100% grass-fed and finished Black Angus cattle, grass-fed lamb, pasture and woodland raised Berkshire pork, and a variety of pastured poultry varieties within a symbiotic, pasture based production system.

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Greenacres Foundation offers something for everyone. Imagine exploring preserved forests and creeks, capturing beauty in music and artwork or discovering secrets of farming and gardening, right here at Greenacres. Come enjoy school field trips and summer camps as well as fresh produce from the farm store and special public events. Inspiration is contagious among Greenacres team who truly possess a passion for its Mission.


Greenacres will always reflect the style and grace of Louis and Louise Nippert who operated Greenacres as a mid-twentieth century gentleman’s farm from 1948 to 2012.

  • To preserve for the public an area reflecting the traditional environment of Indian Hill and its historical significance by preserving Greenacres in its current state of woodland and farmland.
  • To encourage conservation and appreciation of nature by providing the public, particularly children, opportunities to study plant and animal life in their natural settings.
  • To encourage appreciation of music and culture by providing facilities and an atmosphere that will encourage artists to display their talents for all age groups.


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